History Timeline: From Cold War to Culture Wars

I’ve Seen It for Myself

I grew up during the Cold War. My parents were of “The Greatest Generation”, which is famous for its moral clarity. But I was of the Baby Boomer generation. By the time I was in high school, we were starting to lose our grip on the firm foundation of Judeo-Christian values that had sustained our peace and liberty for so long. America’s moral anchor had been seriously dislodged. A few short years later,  “educators” of my era had succeeded in casting public school children adrift on the sea of moral relativism.

Here are a few defining moments in that timeline:


  • 1960s, Western Culture under Attack. My handsome, charismatic U.S. History teacher in high school told us it was time to knock the Founding Fathers off their pedestals. I will always be grateful to my father for teaching me the true history (AKA Epic Stories) of American Exceptionalism. He instilled in me a love of my country and her epic heroes.
  • 1990s, Seed of the Birthright Project. I was teaching a Bible study class in my home for high school age young adults. It was during the moral decline of the Clinton era. Those kids had no knowledge of history, and seemed numb to the scandals that daily beset us. Who could blame them? They had never known the greatness of the Reagan years. I felt compassion for them, because their birthright of American heritage had been stolen from them. (My children appreciate their great American heritage, because they were home-schooled. We were pioneers in the homeschooling movement.) This was the seed of the Birthright project.
  • 2003, Reviving Biblical Worldview Culture. America was still reeling from the 9-11 attacks. In the darkness of terrorism and uncertainty, I wondered, where could we turn for peace and stability? Only by restoring a foundation of faith and uniting families. This foundation could not be restored overnight; it had to be a way of life. I remembered how my family always ate dinner together, and we learned from our parents about the epic stories of Western Civilization. Internet communication began to unite ordinary people around the world. My Western Culture Dinner Topics  blog was born.
  • Today, Western Civilization Hangs in the Balance. There are many modern epic heroes out there today, like the American Family Association, the Billy Graham Evangelistic association, Faith and Freedom Coalition, and many others mounting a massive rescue operation to bring families to Christ.
  • What can we do? Basically, we have two options:
    • Try to take back our schools that have been stolen from us. That’s like detoxifying 70 years of cultural rot.
    • Restore the Zion culture in our homes; build a separate cultural fortress on a strong foundation of faith. Zion Culture Center is an Oasis for families in our worldly desert parched by a famine of truth.
  • A Solution everyone can do. Everyone eats dinner, right? Of course your children mustn’t miss dinner. But look! They hunger and thirst after righteousness, too! Here’s how you can give them spiritual food, as well!

Join the Dinner Time Conversation!

What good things did your parents or grandparents teach you that you want your own children to know?


Start today to gather manna HERE  Free dinner topics in the biblical worldview


C.A. DAVIDSON grew up during the Cold War era. Her deep love of faith, family, and freedom has inspired the creation of the Birthright Covenant novel trilogy. Her mission is to help parents recapture, restore and transmit the biblical values that are heart and soul of Western Civilization, and that are key to the very survival of liberty for rising and future generations.

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