Critical Thinking Topics: Character Education

Birthright Covenant Trilogy Volume 1 Escape to Faith and Freedom Topics include: Character Education Biblical Worldview Church and State Critical Thinking Topics: Character Education     In Chapters 9 and 10, how did Benjamin’s and Ruben’s choices differ? Who do you think was wiser? Why? Chapter 10—Ruben “Ruben felt better.  Raul wasn’t laughing at him after […]

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Judeo-Christian Trilogy: Allegorical Journey Relevant Today

Christian biblical covenant

Fantasy, though entertaining, is false. Allegory is art— a journey through layers of truth. Escape to Faith and Freedom, an allegorical journey set in the story of Judeo-Christian heritage, offers relief to families seeking freedom from the world’s  dystopian, soul-threatening culture. Readers will discover that eternal truths of the Judeo-Christian cultural way of life are […]

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Birthright Book Trilogy: Excerpt —Escaping to Freedom

“The Children Belong to Us”   Kohor Empire Satellite Eastern Hemisphere October, 1961 BENJAMIN BENAMOZ AND HIS FATHER moved against the crowd. Tanks packed the streets as they jockeyed into formation.  Young men and women dressed in smart gray uniforms and pale blue caps marched in neat squadrons, their legs rigid, with booted feet thudding […]

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Critical Thinking Skills: Big Picture Thinking

Big Picture Thinking develops Critical Thinking Skills   Patterns in History—How God Sees the World   God gives us a pattern in all things, that we may not be deceived; for Satan goes abroad, deceiving the nations.   The Big Picture is bigger than we are. If we look at world events in the framework […]

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Tale of Two Cultures: Where Do the Culture Wars Come From?

The impact on our lives of two major cultures is immeasurable—indeed, it is epic. People’s Choices Cause Patterns in History As we shall see, in order to deal with the effects of such pervasive cultural influences, it is useful to understand patterns of history. Choices have consequences which create patterns in the overall big picture […]

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Covenant History Timeline

esau sells birthright

Genesis (Bible)—the Birthright Covenant Rebekah rescues the birthright covenant blessings from the wayward Esau.  Righteous Jacob becomes Israel, passes on the birthright covenant.   1492—The Promised Land Discovered Christopher Columbus, a Jewish convert to Christianity, seeks lost tribes of Israel, discovers America.     1776-1787—America’s Covenant with God George Washington and Founding Fathers create the […]

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History Timeline: From Cold War to Culture Wars

I’ve Seen It for Myself I grew up during the Cold War. My parents were of “The Greatest Generation”, which is famous for its moral clarity. But I was of the Baby Boomer generation. By the time I was in high school, we were starting to lose our grip on the firm foundation of Judeo-Christian […]

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Dinner Time: A Way of Life to Transmit Family Values

      Welcome —Your Oasis in a Stressful World Dinner time is time-tested. That means it is a family tradition that goes way back.  The  quote below is from the Old Testament. That was a long time ago! It’s a Way of Life! And ​these words, which I command thee this day, shall be […]

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