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What to expect from our ​​Mentoring Resources.

  • Weekly letters with dinner topics. For easy planning by busy parents. Ask your teen to lead a chat!
  • How to build a strong foundation of faith​, a little every day, line upon line, with example and precept​​​
  • Current and upcoming topics. You can choose topics most relevant for your family.
  • Dinner Time Topics include: art, book reviews, character education, critical thinking, gospel teachings and quotes, history, monthly inspirational messages, music, and stress relief tips.
  • Critical Thinking topics, including: ​Character Education and Moral Compass, Civics​, Issue of Church and State, Scientific Method (Empiricism) and Academic Freedom, Truth– and more . . .

And. . . Yes, Current Events.

We can't close our eyes to reality, can we? We must be aware of the world's insidious immorality, and how it opposes the Word of God. This is where the critical thinking comes in, so we can avoid being deceived by the father of lies. Fake news will be sifted out, so we can focus on teaching important TRUTH, in the Biblical Worldview.

About Author C.A. Davidson

CHRISTINE A. DAVIDSON grew up during the Cold War era, so she writes about the deadly assault on the Judeo-Christian culture that she has seen for herself. Her deep love of faith, family, and freedom has inspired the creation of the Birthright Covenant trilogy. Her mission is to help parents recapture, restore and transmit the biblical values that are heart and soul of Western Civilization, and that are key to the very survival of liberty for rising and future generations.

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