Young Adult Literature

​Escape to Faith and Freedom

About the Birthright Covenant Allegorical Trilogy

Why is the Judeo-Christian Culture (Zion Culture of biblical values) better for families than worldly cultures, or multiculturalism?

                Young people who have grown up with freedom and convenience tend to take it for granted —even to be lured by tyrannical "utopian" doctrines—because they don't know what it's like to be without God, and without freedom.

                Based on the story of the birthright in Genesis, this allegorical trilogy​ ​— about two ways of  life that sprang from the choices of two brothers— helps parents teach and transmit vital truths about Judeo-Christian heritage to the rising generations.

Book 1—Escape to Faith and Freedom

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A battle for the very souls of the people he loves. . .          

            “Papa, why are they burning Bibles?”

            “Because they are afraid of truth.”

            “Why are they afraid of truth, Papa?”

            “Because truth frees us from their tyranny.”

BENJAMIN BENAMOZ FLEES FOR HIS LIFE from the  tyranny of the Iron Curtain. He finds freedom and faith in Christ, but even in America, vicious enemies seek to wipe out his people and their cherished way of life. As Western Civilization hangs in balance, Ben must restore the ancient birthright to its sacred place. Can he fulfill his epic quest before it's too late?

Gospel Principles: ​The Creation, Repentance

Biblical Worldview: Understanding Church and State; Defining Judeo-Christian culture vs. secularism, multiculturalism; Defining epic literature, allegory vs. fantasy

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